2. Rocket Lab founder Peter Beck discusses Electron, Proton & new Wallops Island launch facility

Peter Beck, Rocket Lab

EPISODE 2 – In this episode we interview Peter Beck, the founder and chief executive of Rocket Lab. Since founding the business in 2006, Peter has grown Rocket Lab to become a globally recognized industry leader in space and a billion-dollar company employing world-class engineers and technicians.

Peter established Rocket Lab’s Electron orbital launch program in 2013. Peter also oversaw the development of the world’s first and only private orbital launch range, located on New Zealand’s Māhia Peninsula. He played a crucial role in establishing international treaties and legislation to enable orbital launch capability from New Zealand. That capability was realized in January 2018 with Rocket Lab’s first orbital launch of the Electron rocket.

This interview was recorded (audio only) with Peter from his New Zealand company headquarters, when the 41st mission “Running Out of Fingers” was on the launch pad. For more information about Rocket Lab, visit https://www.rocketlabusa.com

Special thanks to Philip Shane of WhatTheIf.com for sharing his space journey.


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