14. OrbitsEdge – Data Centers ABOVE THE CLOUD!

Robust Data Centers in Space!

Sylvia France is the President of OrbitsEdge, Inc., a startup company on Florida’s Space Coast that helps companies collect and process huge amounts of data in space. This amazing company is working to create robust data centers in space–above the cloud, helping to reduce bottlenecks in data processing. Commercializing space needs more than launch capabilities and satellite communications.

Today’s satellites are not designed to handle the huge amounts of space-born data. An in-orbit data infrastructure is necessary to drive growth and space commercialization. OrbitsEdge’s core mission is to provide the missing piece, an in-orbit virtualized data infrastructure at the edge of space, that’s agile and adapts to new demands turning data into actionable insights. In the last decade, especially the last few years, low-cost reusable rocket technology has completely disrupted the projections of space industrialization.

Getting satellites into space is getting cheaper and easier every day. For cloud computing on Earth, the initial problems were processing capacity and data security. With the maturation of the Cloud, these problems have been resolved. Now latency and bandwidth are the most common challenges. The Orbital Data Bottleneck encounters similar patterns: processing power, memory capacity, with bandwidth and latency being the most severe. While Low Earth Orbit provides the best case scenario for satellite-Earth latency because of its proximity, there is also the future of data growth itself.

Along with the growth of data, a remarkable increase in the number of satellites (such as Cubesats) are being launched with thousands planned in the following years. Being small, many may lack the processing and memory options that OrbitsEdge SatFrame™ 445 LE will provide, creating an Above-the-Cloud™ web service for data processing and analytics for satellites unable to meet the demands themselves. The OrbitsEdge SatFrame is designed to protect a micro data center from the harsh conditions of space, especially radiation shielding and thermal regulation which requires a special design – especially considering the heightened thermal regulation demands of any data center.

About Sylvia France, President of OrbitsEdge

Started in Silicon Valley, working on the early GPS mapping systems, Sylvia has remained a dominant force in tech startup culture with 30+ years of extensive executive experience in all aspects of traditional and digital marketing. She is a self-proclaimed “Space Baby” as her father was integral in early space exploration and honed her skills creating new market opportunities for her clients such as Apple, The Home Depot, Verizon and Bozell.

About OrbitsEdge™ Inc.
Headquartered in Titusville, Florida (Space Coast), OrbitsEdge™ Inc. accelerates the commercialization of space by providing Low Earth Orbit (LEO) EDGE micro-data centers that allow organizations to economically access and rapidly analyze vast amounts of data in space. OribitsEdge creates solutions using existing industry-standard technology, off-the-shelf analytics software, and proprietary technology. OrbitsEdge removes the barriers to rapidly enter the space market by providing specialized aerospace expertise to a wide variety of organizations.

For more information, visit www.orbitsedge.com  

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