Want a Career in Space? Interview with space career coach Laura Seward Forczyk

Are you interested in pursuing a career in space?

In this episode we interview space consultant and author, Laura Seward Forczyk. Laura is the owner of Astralytical, a space consulting firm specializing in space science, industry, and policy. Laura & her company also offer space & aerospace career coaching services to students and professionals. In this episode we’ll dive more into the latest space news and find out more about how you can pursue a career in the space industry.

About Astralytical

Astralytical is a woman-owned research, consulting, and publishing firm founded in 2016 and located outside of Atlanta. Their focus is high-quality big-picture outlook on the space sector including space-related scientific research, industry and policy analysis, career coaching, and communications. They welcome global clientele for consulting, coaching, project, or ongoing support.



Laura’s Space on Space (blog): http://laurasspaceonspace.blogspot.com/


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