SpaceX Crew-4 ESA Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti’s inspiration for space & lucky “42”!

Samantha Cristoforetti is an Italian European Space Agency astronaut, former Italian Air Force pilot and engineer. She’s getting ready to venture into space again on the upcoming SpaceX Crew 4 mission to the ISS for Expedition 67, scheduled to launch at the end of April 2022. In this clip, Samantha discusses how her space journey began, and how sci fi played a part in it.

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About Samantha Cristoforetti
Born in Milan, Italy, on 26 April 1977 Samantha Cristoforetti is an avid reader with a passion for science and technology, and an equal interest in humanities. She enjoys learning foreign languages and her current challenge is Chinese. Occasionally she finds the time to hike, scuba dive or practice yoga.

Samantha was selected as an ESA astronaut in May 2009. She joined ESA in September 2009 and completed her basic astronaut training in November 2010. She was then assigned to the role of ESA reserve astronaut, which allowed her to earn her initial qualifications in EVA and robotics, as well as the certification as flight engineer of the Russian spacecraft Soyuz. In March 2012 she was assigned to fly as flight engineer on the Soyuz TMA-15M, as part of the crew of Expedition 42/43 on the International Space Station.

On 23 November, 2014 Samantha was launched from the cosmodrome of Baikonur in Kazakhstan. She returned to Earth on 11 June, 2015 after spending 200 days in space. The mission, which was given the name Futura, was the second long-duration flight opportunity for the Italian Space Agency, the eighth for an ESA astronaut.

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