SPACE JUNK: How Privateer plans to protect the space environment – Interview with Dr. Moriba Jah (Transcript)

Chuck (INTRO):There are thousands of pieces of space junk orbiting the Earth right now. How can we make space safer? Thanks for joining me for Your Space Journey. In today’s episode, we’ll explore the growing problem of space chunk and how the new company, Privateer Space is working to help make space safer. Joining us…

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Interview with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine (Transcript)

From Episode 1 – 11/14/2019 Chuck (host):                     02:29                     Now it is my pleasure to introduce our special guest today, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine. I was fortunate to meet Jim last week at NASA Headquarters where we sat down and discussed his incredible space journey from flying combat missions for the Navy in Iraq and…

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